Delayed Gratification

Our society is increasingly focused on standardized state tests and college entrance exams while, at the same time, the U.S. falls behind other nations in college completion numbers. Many in the Unites States have adopted a philosophy that success is directly related to testing performance and how "smart" one is. Research shows that it may actually be "non-cognitive" skills that are a better measure of later success in school, career and life. One famous psychological study called the … [Read more...]

Mogel’s Visit to Baylor

wendy mogel book

Recently the Baylor Parent Alliance brought Wendy Mogel to speak to the community with a message about parenting. In her talk and her book, The Blessings of a B Minus, Dr. Mogel coaches parents on developing a balance between providing appropriate support and fostering independence. She highlighted the fact that colleges are reporting an increase in the percentage of students who do not complete their education because they are overwhelmed with the responsibilities of managing their own lives. … [Read more...]

The Heart of Learning


We were fortunate to feature Dr. Daniel T. Willingham, cognitive scientist and author, in our opening faculty meeting. We discussed his book and findings about what research reveals about how students learn. His book analyzes numerous studies about learning, and he attempts to find the factors that best support long term retention and recall. The changing nature of education through technology is allowing schools to shift the focus of education towards 21st century skills in ways that enrich … [Read more...]

The Challenges of Homework


Baylor teachers recognize that our high-achieving student body benefits from learning that extends beyond the school day. Social opportunities with peers, after-school sports and activities, and, of course, homework, all serve as meaningful learning opportunities after the academic day has concluded. Since homework is primarily completed at home, it is understandable that parents may become confused about their role in the process. Many parents are transitioning from being more involved in … [Read more...]

School’s Out for Summer!

summer reading

  Now that the school year is over, your children are undoubtedly already making plans to enjoy a much-needed break from the stresses of school.  As you may know, the American school year was originally designed to accommodate the agrarian calendar, giving students summers off so that they could work in the fields.  Whereas summer rest and renewal provides valuable freedom from school, the time away from academic instruction has also been shown to cause learning setbacks. In fact, … [Read more...]

Keeping it Positive

james lingo

When it comes to drug and alcohol education interventions for youth, the most effective approach is using social norms. This idea is based on how our perceptions impact our choices. Our impression of what is normal behavior among peers and society can strongly influence decision making. For example, teens making healthy choices are often falsely led to believe that they are in the minority due to the inflation of stories and gossip of unhealthy teen behavior. This was underscored by James Lingo, … [Read more...]